2022 Midterm Elections: County Commission, District 5 | New

Cami Bremer

Strategy. This appears to be District 5 County Commissioner Cami Bremer’s watchword. She says commissioners are keeping the long-term vision in mind while planning for the county’s future. Bremer is running for a second term and says she wants to continue the work of the past four years, including helping the state’s most populous county meet the challenges of COVID and plan for explosive growth.

Affordability and accessibility of housing are the two things that concern her the most — the problems IndiaThe drafting also wishes to be addressed. Bremer also thinks maintaining the county’s agricultural history — preserving land for farms and ranches — should be part of the growth strategy.

If she believes in compromise, she also believes in firmness. She cites her support for Susan Wheelan, director of public health for El Paso County, as an example.

“I took a few arrows to support Susan,” she says, “both personally and professionally. And I would do it again. »

But perhaps the most important reason to consider Bremer is to keep his main opponent, David Winney, as far away from a county commissioner seat as possible.

Winney, originally a candidate for Colorado secretary of state, dropped out of the race at the behest of QAnon influencer Juan O Savin when Mesa County Clerk and Recorder Tina Peters announced her candidacy. Winney has publicly supported Peters, who is being investigated for his involvement in election data security breaches.

Winney has said, without evidence, that Dominion vote tabulation machines were manipulated to give a false result in the 2020 presidential election, and criticizes laws supporting women’s right to choose. He was quoted in the Colorado time recorder like saying Dr. Rae Ann Weber should be the next coroner. Weber doesn’t have the relevant qualifications or experience to qualify her for the job, but Winney doesn’t care. His priority is for the next commissioner of District 5 to be as marginal as he is.

We are drawn to Bremer’s focus on affordable housing and understanding complex growing issues. We also found Bremer to be a much less dangerous candidate than Winney. And while we disagree with her on many issues (she’s with Winney on a woman’s right to choose), she seems to balance voters’ needs with common sense and strategic planning.

We’ll take a closer look at his Democratic challenger John Jarrell in November’s general election.

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