75 years ago: 16 types of planes arrive in Bloomington | Story

100 years ago

June 25, 1922: Miss Ruth Maguire, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Maguire of Wood Driver, and Forrest Quinn, son of Mrs. Mary Quinn, matron of Withers Home in that town, were married at First Presbyterian Church, Wood River. Quinn is a former student of Wesleyan and Normal Universities and a popular member of Phi Gamma Delta. He took up scientific farming near Bloomington, where he and his wife will reside.

75 years ago

June 25, 1947: Sixteen aircraft types will make a brief stop in Bloomington on the first leg of the Illinois Chamber of Commerce’s annual state air tour. The 32-plane flight will include Stinson, Beachcraft, Bonanza, Swift, Cessna, Ercoupe, Sterman, Funk, Cub Cruiser, Fairchild Aeronca, Chief, Howard, Spartan, Navion, Piper Cruiser and AT-6. A brief program and refreshments will be ready for the 72 pilots as they land.

June 25, 1972: John Donavan, the man in charge of the YMCA’s underwater rescue and recovery team, demonstrated safety techniques by sitting in the back seat of a car as it was lowered into the gravel pit of Rowe Construction Co. Donavon sat quietly in the back as the car filled with water; then, when the water pressure inside and outside the car was equal, he took a sip of air, climbed into the front seat of the car, and swam free.

25 years ago

June 25, 1997: The Clinton Power Plant received the lowest ratings in its history in a biennial review by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Plant operations, engineering and support all received an “adequate” rating, the lowest of the three ratings. Maintenance was rated “good”, but no area received the highest rating of “superior”. In the previous report, released in June 1995, Clinton received ratings of “superior” in plant maintenance and support, and “good” in operations and engineering.

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