90% Sowing of Kharif Completed in Nashik District | Nashik News

Nashik: Kharif sowing in Nashik The district has been completed on about 90% of the land – 5.81 lakh hectare out of the total projected land area of ​​6.41 lakh hectare.
Paddy The plantation was affected due to the delayed monsoon, but has now gained momentum. Paddy has now been planted on about 70% of the total estimated area of ​​88,000 hectares. Maize, cotton, bajra, moong, soybean, jowar and bajra are the other major kharif crops in the region.
Maize contributes 35% of the area, while bajra and paddy share respectively 17.37% and 14.61% of the total sown area. The agriculture department had planned maize plantings on 2.16 lakh hectare. But the sowing was done on 2.31 lakh hectare, which is more than the projected area.
On the other hand, the area under bajra has decreased this year. It was projected for 1.13 lakh hectares, but only 66,000 hectares were used for cultivation, or 58%.
An official from the Nashik district office of the state department of agriculture said planting of kharif was delayed due to late onset of monsoon. “The rains actually started from the second week of July and this delayed the process of sowing the kharif,” the official said.
“Five of the 15 talukas achieved more than 100% kharif sowing. These five talukas are Baglan, Kalwan, Nandgaon, Niphad and Yeola. About 90% of planting has been completed in four talukas — Malegaon, Deola, Kalwan and Chandwad. Sowing in the remaining six talukas is between 50% and 70%,” the official added.


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