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The Alcona County Board of Commissioners says downtown Lincoln is too toxic for veterans.

On September 7, 2022, the Alcona County Veterans Affairs Committee had applied to the BoC, for approval to allow a BEA (Basic Environmental Assessment) of the property which was given to ACVAC and therefore the county by the Lincoln DDA to build an office and hall for Alcona County veterans.

At the meeting, President Adam Brege presented the request for discussion. The five commissioners had a copy of the documents relating to the BEA’s request. Understand that what was required by ACVAC was to have a current BEA on the given property. After a brief discussion, Vice-President Commissioner Dan Gauthier explained why he was not going to vote in favour. Gauthier verbally paints a dark picture of insoluble dangers. Gauthier did not provide any evidence, nor specify where and when he obtained his information.

Gauthier said it was not in the interest of the county to have to deal with all these contamination problems. The purpose of ACVAC’s request for the BEA was to ensure that Gauthier’s suspected problems do not actually exist.

Commissioner Bill Thompson said the contamination can affect well water up to 800 feet. Alas, no council member came to the veteran’s defense. By a roll-call vote, the request was rejected. The decision not to even investigate whether or not the contamination still exists is just another slap in the face for the entire Alcona County community.

On August 4, 2020, the 8-year countywide mileage proposal passed 2654 yes to 964 no. ACVAC has been discussing the issue of moving to a new office and room since October 2019. We have been shamelessly refused by the Bank of Canada on every proposal.

James E. ‘Mac’ McCormick,


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