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Jerry Kidd to Jeff Warren, Lot 77, Mitchell Heights Subdivision, $277,000.

Daniel and Chelsea Childress to Jared and Amber Nugent, lot 238, Summit subdivision, $477,000.

The Estate of Raymond Etheridge to C&J Ventures LLC, lots 1 and 2, owned by Raymond Etheridge, $150,000.

Stacey Roberts to John Kilbourne, lot 35, addition to Brookeland, $125,000.

Janson Lanee Johnson to Glenn and Daryl Binnig, Lot 110, Riverbend Landing Subdivision, $155,000.

DTL Properties LLC at Alexander Bowling, land near US 231, $145,000.

Michael and Kerri Clem to Jason Lemily, Lot 23, Deer Valley Subdivision, $475,000.

Cornerstone Construction LLP to Kenneth and Jeana Greer, Lot 24, Autumn View Subdivision, $226,900.

Pamela Wells to JCSN LLC, Lot 4, flat book 39, page 194, $150,000.

Eric and Rachel Smiley at Stanley Lorm, Lot 2, MC Hinton Subdivision, $195,000.

Timothy Crabtree to Paula Wallace, Lot 11, Sherwood Manor Subdivision, $250,000.

Alvaton Properties LLC at Ashwood Homes Inc., Lot 46, Drakes Ridge Subdivision, $59,900.

Ricky and Meta White to Jason and Racheal Humble, land near Harry Cherry Road, $385,000.

David Herrington to Leisa Kaszczuk, Lots 1 and 2, Estate of Jerry and Sue Maxwell, $79,000.

Brent Carter to Jordan McLean, Lot 3, Fairvue Farms Subdivision, $465,900.

April Murphy and Misty Roeder to Royal Magnolia Estate LLC, Lot 280, Springfield Subdivision, $200,000.

Westen Apartments LLC at Magnolia Lane Investments LLC, Lot 3, Westen Apartments LLC, no tax.

Burrell Properties LLC to AceLand Holdings LLC, Lot 7, Smallhouse Hines Addition; and land in Book of Deeds 1107, page 5, $110,000.

Kyle and Taylor Hodnett to Mark and Emily Templeton, Lot 59, Heritage Subdivision, $315,000.

Catherine and Raymond Misiewicz Jr. to Michael and Shaunna Cornwell, Lot 16, Deer Valley Subdivision, $450,000.

Kelsey and Spencer Sinnott to Shane Vega, Lot 2, Skipaway Point Subdivision, $255,000.

Jack McCoy to Daulton McCoy, Lot 2, flat minor book 5, page 21, $123,500.

Linda Mitchell at Park City Properties LLC, Lot 110, North Ridge Subdivision, $95,500.

Jamie and Jessica Mathis to Big Dog Investments LLC, Lot 180, University Estates Subdivision, $110,000.

Alvaton Properties LLC at Ashwood Homes Inc., Lot 45, Drakes Ridge Subdivision, $59,900.

Bowling Green LLC Real Asset Investors at Biggs Real Estate LLC, Lot 40, Spring Lakes Subdivision, $45,000.

James and Anita Bishop to James and Kaitlyn Carey, land near Girkin Boiling Springs Road, $80,000.

Jason and Katrina Wood at JWBC Properties LLC, Lot 16, River’s Landing Edge Subdivision, no tax.

Mary Louise Smith Family Limited Partnership No. 1 to Southside Development LLC, land near Shelldrake Lane, $975,000.

John and Carol Belt at Khen G Langh, Lot 279, Springfield Subdivision, $235,000.

Gomez Construction LLC to MNLD Properties LLC, Lots 573 and 583, Greystone Subdivision, $480,000.

31W Holdings LLC to SOKY Real Estate Investments LLC, Lot 1, 31W Holdings LLC Subdivision, $245,000.

Jessica and Christopher McCarthy Sr. to Pamela and Kevin Means, Lot 8, Pleasant Valley Estates Subdivision, $199,000.

Tanner Neese and Emily Nykiel to Harry Stine and Michael Lewin Jr., lot 128, McKinney Farms subdivision, $252,900.

Fay’s Mobile Homes Inc. at Donna Loid, Lot 78, Maplewood Mobile Home Subdivision, $62,000.

LDUKY LLC to LDUKY LLC, Lot 11-2, Southend Subdivision, no tax.

Collin Childress to Jeremy and Kenzie Jessup, lot 509, Greystone subdivision, $239,900.

Gary and Deanna Green at Gary Wayne Green Revocable Trust, Lot 2, Deer Valley Subdivision, no tax.

Phil Brown Construction LLC at Amber Jones, Lot 642, North Ridge Subdivision, $215,900.

Walter and Debbie York to Burrell Properties LLC, Lot 21, Cedar Grove Subdivision, $200,000.

Daniel Flowers to Joshua Gangluff, Lot 1, flat book 35, page 99, $225,000.

H&M Properties of Bowling Green LLC to AceLand Holdings LLC, land near Collegeview Drive, $335,000.

Joshua and Cassidy Owens to Michael and Ellen Swierkosz, lot 41, McLellan Crossings subdivision, $302,000.

Deniese Taylor to Travis Guy, lot 12, owned by Youree Howell, $210,000.

Charles and Carolyn Hardcastle to Edwin Arnoldo Diaz Mejia and Jennifer Rose Diaz, land near Church Street, $65,000.

Seth Freeman to Tracy Trogden, land near Hammett Hill Road, $365,000.

Henry and Brittany Lay at Brock Cleary, Lot 28, Plum Grove Subdivision, $177,000.

Jay and Ronald Davis, Deborah Wilkins and Norma and James Tomes III to Jeffrey and Betsy Harned, land near Cemetery Road, no tax.

Robert and Stacy Dunning to Megan and Thomas Porter III, land near Smallhouse Road, $173,500.

Vision Development LLC to Vat II LLC, Lot 47, Traditions at Lovers Lane, $210,600.

Scott and Amy Turner and Gage and Crawford Turner at Seven Eleven Steeplechase LLC, land in flatbook 26, page 22, $68,000.

Keith Honaker to Justina and Chaniece Richey, Lot 13, Green Meadows Subdivision, $175,000.

Mark Douglas Construction LLC to Joseph and Ann Kirkpatrick, Lot 2-2, Enoch Francis Fram Subdivision, $265,000.

Deborah Powell to David and Ashley Glisson, Lot 10, Autumn Hills Subdivision, no taxes.

Rudolph and Sue Haynes to Exile Properties LLC, lots 9-12 and 15-16, flatbook 1, page 93, $65,000.

Charlene and William Tester to Moon and Lindsey LLC, Lot 2, flat book 44, page 437, $553,848.94.

Benjamin and Melanie Wilson to Moon and Lindsey LLC, Lot 3, plate book 44, page 437, $211,201.06.

Bell Vue Properties LLC at Brittany Cox, Lot 4, Glendell Addition, $173,900.

Mike Howe Custom Building Inc. at Sima Ahmadizadyetka, Lot 42, Heritage Subdivision, $365,000.