Ann-Marie Sandquist: I will prioritize community and quality of life as mayor

Anne-Marie Sandquist

I have lived in Silverthorne for nearly 17 years and like most of us moved here to enjoy our phenomenal outdoor activities. I love being outdoors, but what I’ve come to understand and love about Silverthorne is that in every sense of the word, we’re a community, and our growth and vibe comes from ideas, volunteerism, participation and hard work. members of our community. I am proud to live here, and serving on Silverthorne Town Council is my way of participating in our community and hopefully making it a better place.

We have a lot of exciting things happening at Silverthorne, so it’s hard for me to pick just three things as priorities going forward. That said, here are a few that stand out to me the most.

Priority #1: Affordable Housing

We are nearing completion of the Smith Ranch neighborhood with over 200 purchase units for residents who work 30 hours or more in the county. As we all know, this is an ongoing issue for our community. With the passage of 6B, there will be funding for additional projects in future years. The city wants to continue to develop housing to rent and buy for a variety of income levels. The commercial property across from Smith Ranch is expected to have mid-income housing for rent in the lower area, and we are actively planning to incorporate rental units for the workforce into the next phase of downtown redevelopment. .

Also, I would like to continue exploring different ideas, such as encouraging long-term rentals, building secondary suites for rent, providing down payment assistance, etc. Frankly, we’ll have to keep looking at every idea.

Priority no. 2: Quality of life

I moved to Silverthorne in 2006, and I look back on conversations with my friends and neighbors about envisioning what we all hoped Silverthorne could be. We wanted to have a vibrant, walkable downtown, we wanted more parks and a bike path through Silverthorne, we hoped for a variety of restaurants and cultural activities to complement our outdoor nature.

And frankly, we’ve come a long way in 16 years. Many new opportunities now exist, in public and commercial places, for our community to come together and enjoy each other’s company, and it makes our community stronger. I want to continue to encourage the redevelopment and growth of our community and ensure that our municipal services and amenities maintain our high standards.

Priority n°3: Community involvement

Let’s continue to refine and improve opportunities for our community to be connected and engaged. Silverthorne has always had extensive community involvement with our Citizens Committees, including Sport (which develops and reviews our plan and proposals for parks, open spaces and trails), Economic Development (which has given us the opportunity to partner with the Lake Dillon Theater Co.), Planning Commission (which reviews all land use applications), Citizens’ Advisory Committee (which works closely with our police department on public safety issues) , arts committees (who have created and implemented our arts and culture strategic plan) or our events community, which plans, among other things, the very popular First Friday events.

I have met many members of our community who wish to participate – some who are residents of Silverthorne and some who are not. With new residents come new interests and ideas, and I would like, with public input, to review our Citizens’ Committees and their charters, refine them as needed and add more in areas that the community is passionate about. Our city is a reflection of all of us, and I want to ensure that our citizens have the opportunity to imagine, develop and shape the future of Silverthorne.