Binghamton University Professor Tells Haunting History of the Southern Tier

(WBNG) – The Southern Tier has a rich history of paranormal activity which a local author and professor has detailed in his book, Haunted Southern Tier.

Professor Emeritus of English at the University of Binghamton Elizabeth Tucker also teaches courses in local folklore at the university.

“It’s important because it’s a very long tradition of belief and storytelling and it’s been meaningful to people in so many ways,” Tucker told 12 News.

One such place is Christ Episcopal Church in Binghamton. Tucker said the church welcomes ghost stories as part of their spirituality.

One of the church’s historians, Susan Sarzynsky, told 12 News that the church was located on land sold by Joshua Whitney.

Sarzynsky said Whitney was commissioned by William Bingham to help develop the binghamton area. Whitney was asked to start churches.

Some believe the spirit of Whitney still lingers in the church after a disagreement. It is believed that Whitney requested larger pews due to her height and was turned down.

Sarzynsky said stories like these are a gateway into local history.

“I guess it’s because it’s an old church with an ancient history that there are things that have happened that are unexplained,” she told 12 News.

Tucker welcomes anyone who wants to discuss their own stories with her. His email is [email protected]