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Landsea Homes is a publicly traded company based in Newport Beach, which focuses on planned residential developments in high-demand locations such as the Bay Area and Tri-Valley.

San Ramon Regional Stroke Care Recognition

San Ramon Regional Medical Center was recently recognized for its care of stroke patients by the American Heart Association.

“San Ramon Regional Medical Center is committed to providing excellent patient care by adhering to the latest treatment guidelines,” SRRMC CEO Ann Lucena said in a statement. “We are proud to receive recognition from the American Heart Association as it confirms that we are following evidence-based guidelines that studies show can help patients recover better. Our goal is to provide excellent heart care. health every day so that people in the Tri-Valley area can live longer, healthier lives.”

The AHA awards an annual award to facilities that comply with its “Get with the Guidelines” program for diagnosing and treating stroke patients.

“We are extremely pleased to recognize San Ramon Regional Medical Center for its commitment to caring for stroke patients,” said Steven Messe, MD, president of the Stroke System of Care Advisory Group. “Participation in Get With The Guidelines is associated with better patient outcomes, fewer readmissions and lower mortality rates – a win for healthcare systems, families and communities.”

The SRRMC is certified as a “Primary Stroke Center” by a joint commission on behalf of the Contra Costa County Stroke System, which was launched in 2012. The system aims to coordinate services to provide prompt care for stroke victims, which is “known to significantly reduce brain damage and save lives. Every minute counts when someone is faced with a medical emergency such as stroke or heart attack,” according to an announcement.

San Ramon Hospital is also recognized for meeting the criteria in place for the AHA Target: Type 2 Diabetes Honor Roll Award.

‘Vision Zero’ in the county

Contra Costa County has announced a “Vision Zero” program, aimed at seeing no fatalities from vehicle collisions in unincorporated parts of the county.

The program’s action plan sought input from inside and outside the county and was led by the county’s Department of Public Works. It was adopted by the Supervisory Board on March 1.

“With Vision Zero, we believe that all road traffic collisions resulting in serious injury or death are preventable and preventable and that our goal should be ZERO,” the Department of Public Works said.

Vision Zero is a philosophy first developed in Sweden in the late 1990s, which posits that “even one fatality on our transport system is unacceptable and focuses on a safe systems approach for all road users”. according to the Department of Public Works.

The full announcement is available here.