Crime Concerned Community in DeKalb County Neighborhood Park

Residents who live in the DeKalb County neighborhood say they want something done to address their concerns about crime in their nearby park.

Community members say Pleasantdale Park is a hidden gem. The park is next to Pleasantdale Elementary School.

“It’s in DeKalb County District 1 and the largest unincorporated lot that can be used right now. It’s an opportunity for residents to come out and express what they would like to see” said Dekalb District 1 Commissioner Robert Patrick.

Patrick hopes to start the process of revitalizing the park.

Those who live nearby came out on Thursday evening to voice their opinions and concerns about the park – many wanted more from the area.

“Parks are usually something you see in a neighborhood that makes it welcoming and inviting, and it’s a great opportunity to invest in the future,” Patrick said.

However, a major concern for many in the region is land-related crime.

Residents who spoke with FOX 5 say that during the day the park is kid-friendly, but that’s a different story after dark.

“We’ve had the opportunity to speak with the police department about this, and they’re ready to step up patrols in the area,” Patrick said.

He said there was already money in place for the upgrades and county parks and recreation department officials, pond engineers, the school system and others informed the crowd. potential plans.

“This place matters, and we want to put it on the map,” Patrick said.