Difficult times for farmers | Community

Good morning all.

I guess I’m going to talk a bit about agriculture.

This can sometimes be frustrating for us farmers. Most of the time it’s a pleasure, or it’s for me.

So many farms are disappearing.

New homes are springing up everywhere and empty homes are just everywhere. Somehow, this rational doesn’t seem right to me.

Farmers were, and still are, the backbone of this country. When the earth is gone, what will be left?

We already seem to be dependent on other countries for our daily needs. Look at gas prices. I don’t know exactly what we actually produce in this country.

We must produce our needs made in the USA. Look where we are today in dependence on others.

We are in trouble.

It’s like the loss of farms and farmers. The basic necessities of this life come from the farm. It is earth.

Sometimes I feel like I might be the only one supporting this great nation with my 20 cows.

Wouldn’t that be a sad laugh.

Well, my thinking about the farmer today was prompted by the price of fertilizers, seeds, and weedkillers. Some of them have doubled in price since last year.

It is impossible for a farmer to do his job properly at this price. It’s bad enough to pay such prices for tractor diesel.

Now we can’t even control the weeds!

Luckily I bought my Roundup last year.

I understand how war hurts the economy, but if we were supported by our own country for our own needs, this feeling of pressure from foreign countries would be much less.

We cannot support ourselves if farmers and farms become obsolete.

I’m not just talking about cattle ranchers, I’m talking about other land industries that made this country great at one time, very self-sufficient.

It is so sad that we cannot see beyond ourselves and preserve such a great commodity as our farmer.