District 11 prospect Mark Williams wants to replace ‘career politicians’ in Austin |

Mark Williams, Republican primary candidate for Texas House District 11, believes it’s high time to remove “career politicians” from the state legislature slate.

The Panola County native, currently a real estate developer by trade, wants to bring his brand of “constitutional conservatism” to Austin, armed with experience in the oil, lumber and cattle industries that employ thousands of Texas Texans. Is. He is running for a seat that previously represented Rusk, Cherokee and Nacogdoches counties, but will drop Cherokee and include Panola, Shelby, Sabine and Newton starting in the next legislative session.

Adding Panola district explain why Williams ran again for the Texas House after a failed bid for District 9 in 2020.

“I really think I’m really the best fit,” Williams said. “Because quite simply, I know a large part of our economic base. I am a constitutional conservative and a Christian. This is the majority of East Texas.

Williams has deep ties to Panola County, he said, dating back to generations of the area’s first settlers who arrived in the mid-1800s. He and his family’s longstanding ties to the county and region of East Texas informed some of his policy.

The candidate would like to see East Texas “isolated” from threats, but with increased prominence in the state and national economy.

Socially, Williams wants East Texas to be protected from cultural trends that he sees as harmful to conservative values ​​and “individualism.” Economically, Williams wants a resurgence in businesses that put the region on the map decades ago but have now declined in importance – such as lumber and oil.

“My idea is to try to improve the things that we have right now,” Williams said. “With our natural gas market, we are penalized by the Canadian pipeline. We need the gas pressure to come up so we can drill here, because there’s still plenty of gas available in all these east Texas counties, but you need to have a stable price to drill.

Renewed investment in East Texas’ resource industries could raise the prices of some products that come from other places cheaply, he said, but could be a boon for job creation in the region, especially after the closure of some coal-fired power operations in the region such as Pirkey Power. Plant.

Williams said an important goal of his campaign is to scrap state property taxes, which he thinks Republicans in the Texas Legislative Assembly should have done before. In his view, the legislature also failed to deliver on its promises in other key ways by not getting rid of taxpayer-funded lobbying and allowing COVID mandates to continue.

“I think we’re fighting against the government,” Williams said. “We have to reduce this government. We have to “cut off the power” to them. What I did was try to build our local community to get resistance. We know when we get bad judgments, decisions, warrants – whatever you want to call them. They are not laws, mandates are not laws. They have no teeth.

According to Williams, the top three issues the Texas Legislature should prioritize are border security, property taxes and education.

Williams said the state government should do more for border security after the Biden administration halted work on the wall touted by President Trump.

“It is the job of the Fed to correct the border situation. But we knew when Biden came in, that wasn’t going to happen,” Williams said. “We know they want this border wide open, nameless, flooded with illegal aliens.”

Along with education, Williams said schools need to “prevent our history” from being “corrected”.

“We have to maintain our education – not let the socialist movement push our education in this area of ​​trying to liberalize it.”

The candidate believes his outsider status and commitment to East Texas will be a positive push for the Legislature, if elected.

“I know very well, of course, East Texas and this district,” said Williams. “I’m here only because I feel it is time to get rid of the professional politicians. This is my speech for a long time because they do not just work.