Dynasty Value, Injury History, Landing Locations, etc.

As a dynasty fantasy football Managers look to the NFL Combine as the next step in the offseason process, North Carolina RB Ty Chandler has established himself as a name to remember for 2022. After a successful college career, what are Chandler’s strengths, including does he have any concerns and what landing spots would be ideal for his dynasty value in 2022 and beyond?

Fantasy Profile of Ty Chandler’s Dynasty

Chandler had a huge, almost daunting task ahead of him in 2021. After four years of little or no production at Tennessee, he needed to replace the shoes of two 1,000-yard running backs in Javonte Williams and Michael Carter.

There were serious doubts about this. Still, in all honesty, Tennessee was awful. In three of his four seasons, they have won five or less. Over those four seasons, Chandler amassed 421 attempts for 2,046 yards with 13 touchdowns, adding 58 receptions for 465 yards and 3 other scores. With players eligible for a free year of eligibility due to the impact of COVID in 2020, Chander went to Chapel Hill and absolutely took off.

Playing in all 13 games, Chandler set career highs across the board, rushing 182 times for 1,092 yards and 13 touchdowns. Working out of the backfield, Chandler had 15 receptions for 216 yards (14.4) with 1 touchdown. With that and a 213-yard, 4-TD performance against Wake Forest, Chandler earned a trip to the Shrine Bowl in Las Vegas and was one of the biggest lifters.

He was excellent in 1-on-1 receiving drills between running backs and linebackers and then had a great game, leading both teams on the ground with 69 yards on 11 carries. Chandler has become one of my favorite under-the-radar names in the 2022 rookie draft. We’ll have to see how his testing goes, but the tape shows a very capable rusher who could be a steal not only in the draft of the NFL, but also in upcoming rookie drafts.


What stands out first in Chandler are his eyes, his vision is so superb. It can quickly read and diagnose leverage, make the appropriate correction, and reach for daylight. If a ball carrier can’t see the hole, nothing else matters. That’s why it’s the #1 trait in my weighted rating.

From there, the feet follow the eyes. For Chandler, they work in unison, as he is able to decipher the hole or find the way down. As for the footwork, it’s almost effortless when jumping to set up defenders.

Chandler’s burst is excellent too, and it doesn’t take long for him to go from 0 to 60. As a player with old kick return experience, Chandler’s ability to move and weave while navigating in traffic to handle angles is top notch.


Chandler is not an overly physical player. That’s not to say Chandler isn’t ready to make contact. You can find several examples of him channeling his inner Javonte Williams and being the enforcer. Still, that’s not a strength of his game, and there are also examples of him coming off the wrong side of multiple hits.

It also sometimes showed up in his contact balance, which I rated as slightly above average. However, I would say he is one step ahead of someone like Rachel White in this area.

I don’t necessarily call his receiving game a real weakness, just an area he can improve. He needs more consistency as a receiver. While 72 receptions sounds great, that’s been since 2017. Given the chance, Chandler can become a legitimate passing threat.

Age is also going to be a topic of discussion. When compared to Isaiah Spiller, who will be 20 at camp, Chandler is an old man from the NFL years. He turns 24 in May, which means he’ll be 28 when his first contract ends.

Chandler’s injury history

Considering his roles in Tennessee and North Carolina, Chandler’s durability is excellent. Near the end of the 2020 season with Tennessee, he left a game with an undisclosed injury, but that was about it, other than a few usual bumps along the way.

Although he has nearly 700 touches, those were spread over five seasons, so I’m not too worried about the amount of tread on his tires.

Main Landing Sites for Chandler Dynasty Valor

With Dynasty 2022 drafts on the horizon, where could Chandler land and how would he benefit in the fantasy?

Miami Dolphins

From the minute I watched Chandler’s tape, I identified Miami as one of my best fantasy landing spots for him in 2022. What made it a perfect game was the Hiring of Mike McDaniel as head coach.

Since 2017 (when McDaniel joined San Francisco), the 49ers were 11th in yards per carry, seventh in touchdowns, fourth against stacked boxes, sixth in blast runs and had the fifth-highest percentage of carries that won over 10 yards.

In this wide area scheme, you need a back with excellent vision, supreme flurry to take advantage of the holeshot once he’s read it, and the ability to make chunk plays when the seas part. . I don’t think this player exists on the current roster. Chandler is everything McDaniel looked for in an RB and could be the 2022 version of Elijah Mitchell.

Houston Texans

We are all well aware that Texans have a multitude of needs. David Johnson is a shell of himself, but Houston put him on a committee with Rex Burkhead, Phillip Lindsay and Mark Ingram to steady the ship. Of those RBs, Johnson is a free agent in 2022.

Ingram and Lindsay have already left, leaving only Burkhead on the roster. Burkhead has shown he’s a versatile RB over his career, but he’s not someone they want to handle over 200 touches, so depth is needed.

I believe the Texans approach the position both in free agency and in the draft. Considering all their needs, Chandler could be a relatively inexpensive way to bolster the position and end up with a whole new lead or the No. 1 option in a committee. If you’re looking for immediate fantasy impact for 2022, the Texans make sense for Chandler.

New Orleans Saints

The Saints are one of the most fascinating teams of the offseason. Not only are they the last dead in cape space, but they have a host of unanswered questions. They also have no idea who their QB will be, have questions regarding the health of their No. 1 receiver and are waiting to see how. Alvin Kamara’s legal troubles will be played. There’s a good chance Ingram, 32, will start RB in Week 1.

Focusing on the backfield, Dwayne Washington and Ty Montgomery are expected to enter free agency, leaving Tony Jones Jr. behind Ingram on the depth chart. While Ingram can handle the workload of a lead back, I don’t think the Saints want to test him.

Chandler could come on and instantly become a point guard for the Saints. In doing so, he could carve out a complementary role alongside Kamara, who we’ve seen to be a productive place for fantasy success.