Fans have opportunity to bid on Constellation Field seats | Community

With the Sugar Land Skeeters name now in the past, residents and fans have a limited time to bid on a piece of Sugar Land and Constellation Field history.

For Sugar Land resident Leonard Chan, who plans to bid on several seats, it’s a chance to forever have a memory of a place that represents who he is. He hopes he can buy at least two seats for his backyard to join the piece of Astrodome turf he already owns as historical keepsakes.

“I’ve always called Sugar Land home and been a baseball fan since Jeff Bagwell’s rookie season,” said Chan, whose family first moved to Sugar Land in 1988. “I don’t am not a fan of Sugar Land running – that’s who I am.”

Until this Thursday at 2 p.m., the City of Sugar Land is auctioning Constellation Field seats as renovations begin on the ground, which is being redesigned as the franchise opens its run as Sugar Land. Space Cowboys in a few weeks.

But while they can replace seats, fans will forever cherish the memories and stories these seats could tell. Chan said one of his favorite memories of those seats at Constellation Field included dog days at the ballpark, where he would stay and watch Corgi races after the game with his own four-legged friend.

And from that memory to the countless games he’s attended since returning to Sugar Land from Nashville in 2018, he said the history of Constellation Field and the Skeeters isn’t just about baseball.

“When I was a kid, I always dreamed of Sugar Land getting a sports team,” he said. “…Constellation Field is not just (the) story of this building, but a story of the city I claimed before it rose and a story of Texas baseball.”

Residents and interested fans can go to to find the appropriate bid. According to a Facebook post from the city, fans can go online to bid on green stadium chairs with the City of Sugar Land seal, blue low chairs with the Skeeters logo, and blue high chairs with the Skeeters logo.

They can bid on any quantity of chair available, depending on the city.

“The chairs were over 10 years old and had reached the end of their useful life,” the city posted on Facebook. “Furthermore, once the brand change was identified, the chairs had to be replaced. In this case, modifying the chairs was going to be much more expensive than replacing them. »

Resident Amy Barnhill was looking to bid on some of the high-end Skeeters chairs to put around her Sugar Land home, saying she wanted to buy five so she and her family could relax around the pool.

“I love the (Skeeters) logo cut into the back of the chair,” she said Monday.

Barnhill, who has made trips to Constellation Field since moving to Sugar Land in 2018, said one of his favorite memories in the soon-to-be-replaced seats includes attending Skeeters’ Constellation Energy League games at the start. of COVID-19. pandemic in 2020 after the breakup of the Atlantic League team.

And while a handful of seats from a stadium that numbered in the thousands might not seem like much, having them would forever tie the Barnhill family to that memory and the Skeeters franchise.

It would be a memory in its own right, and the beauty of which lay in its simplicity each time she saw them.

“We were so happy to be out and doing something normal,” she said. “We sat at one of the large blue tables with ‘Skeeters’ chairs and had just about every snack in the stadium.”