Henk-Jaap Meijer back to research and development at Emsland Group

Since October, Henk-Jaap Meijer has been back in the research and development of the Emsland Group. For those who don’t already know him, here is his journey.

Henk-Jaap Meijer, Head of Research and Development at Emsland Group:

“After completing my Masters in Polymer Chemistry at the State University of Groningen, I started in 1988 as a product developer at AVEBE in their chemistry department. After several years, I moved on to technical applications and I later became head of the food applications department.”

He held various positions in food ingredient companies such as Loders Croklaan and BASF and eventually joined Emsland Group in 2006. He set up his own consultancy in 2014 and worked for processors of cassava, wheat and maize mainly in Southeast Asia and Africa.

Now it’s back to potatoes and peas. Together with old and new Emsland colleagues, they focus on 5 main topics:

  • Vegetable protein from potatoes, peas and mung beans
  • Soluble and insoluble fiber from the same crops
  • Clean Label starches for all food segments
  • Start-up of our modern “WaltrAut” line of autoclave drum dryers with further development of building additives and fiberglass sizing agents
  • Preparation of the next Food Ingredients Europe and training of agents prior to the event

Henk-Jaap Meijer:

“I was positively surprised by the determination with which the departments of Emsland Group are resisting the Covid 19 pandemic and offering solutions to support our agents and customers with innovations or online training.”

“We have many new products in our innovation pipeline which we will be showcasing at upcoming shows. We look forward to meeting you soon at Emlichheim or at the FiE later this year.”