How to leave WhatsApp group chat unnoticed

Wondering how to leave a WhatsApp group chat privately? We have what you need.

Nothing is more awkward than when you want to back out of a boring or endless group chat, but don’t want everyone to see you’re gone.

WhatsApp – the hugely popular free messaging app – has finally rolled out a new feature that lets you quietly leave a group chat without being noticed.

The game-changing feature is part of a new privacy update rolling out to the Meta-owned platform this month.

Other upcoming changes include the ability to disable group chats and prevent users from taking screenshots of View Once messages, which are supposed to disappear after being opened.

In addition, WhatsApp users, who already had the option to hide if they had read a message, will be able to completely hide whether or not they were using WhatsApp.

“We will continue to create new ways to protect your messages and keep them as private and secure as face-to-face conversations,” Meta owner Mark Zuckerberg said in a statement, according to The mirror.

WhatsApp product manager Ami Vora noted that the platform is looking to create features that “allow people to have more control and privacy over their messages.”

“Over the years, we’ve added interlocking layers of protection to help secure their conversations, and the new features are a way for us to continue to deliver on our commitment to keeping messages private,” Vora explained in a statement. “No other global messaging service on this scale offers this level of security for their users’ messages, media, voicemails, video calls and chat backups.”

She continued: “We believe WhatsApp is the safest place to have a private conversation. And to raise awareness of these new features, we are also launching a global campaign, starting with the UK and India, to educate people about how we work to protect their private conversations on WhatsApp.”

According The mirrorWhatsApp previously updated its group chat features in June, allowing users to create conversations with 512 participants.

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