How to Pass Group I Preliminaries

Published: updated on – 23:37, Sun – 20 Mar 22

Apart from resources such as Telugu Akademi textbooks and NCERT history textbooks, a thorough reading of all questions posed by the TSPSC in previous exams is a must.

This article is a follow-up to the last TSPSC Group-I syllabus and references article

World Geography, Indian Geography and Telangana State Geography Candidates should study the concepts of geography (e.g. the meaning of Gorge, El Nino) and the locations of land and water forms in physical geography (e.g. the canyon deepest in the world). Close attention to the geography of the state – rivers, waterfalls, projects, tribes, etc. is essential as the majority of questions are expected on the geography of the state

Recommended Resources

NCERT Class 6 to 12 Geography Textbooks for Oxford or Black Swan Concepts Atlas for Physical Geography of India and World n Spar publications Telangana Atlas for State Geography

India’s history and cultural heritage

Applicants should study all three phases of Indian history – ancient, medieval and modern – with a particular focus on socio-cultural history. Emphasis should be placed on significant events and related facts such as year and place, people involved, causes and consequences.

Recommended Resources

Old editions of NCERT history textbooks – three books – one for ancient, medieval and modern

Indian constitution and politics

The subject deals with all things government and its basis in the form of the Constitution. Applicants should develop a thorough understanding of government authorities, their powers and functions, and the provisions of the Constitution relating to the rights and welfare of citizens.

Recommended Resources

NCERT Class 11 Handbook – Constitution at Work n Indian Polity by Laxmikanth

Governance and public policy in India

Governance is an extension of politics. It deals with the role of government in its functions and responsibilities. Public policy deals with various measures of the government in the social field – programs, missions and policies in education, health, skills development, etc., as well as measures for various social groups such as women, SCs, STs, etc. This field overlaps politics and economics and therefore separate references are not recommended.

Telangana State Policies

This area relates to the various measures that the government of Telangana had initiated for various social groups and in various development sectors. Applicants should be aware of all details related to the initiatives – date and place of launch, beneficiaries, purpose and objectives, department responsible for implementation, initiative targets and achievements to date. Although this area is part of economics, it is recommended to focus on these details as further questions are expected.

Recommended Resources

Telangana Socio-Economic Survey n Websites of Various Telangana Government Ministries and Departments

Society, Culture, Heritage, Arts and Literature of Telangana

This area is about socio-cultural history of Telangana where an aspirant is expected to be aware of looms, handicrafts, historical monuments with locations and details of year and date person who built it, inscriptions of various kings with their contents and places, books and authors, quotes from famous Telangana people, songs and writers etc.

Recommended Resources

Telugu Akademi Textbooks on Telangana History and Culture

Social exclusion: rights issues such as gender, caste, tribe, disability, etc. and inclusive policies

This field straddles politics, economics, and socio-cultural history. Particular attention to policies related to the social groups mentioned above is essential to answer questions in this area.

Ability to analyze logical reasoning and interpret data

This area tests students’ problem-solving ability and decision-making ability. Regular practice is the best way to score points in this area.

Recommended Resources

Mental Ability and Logical Reasoning by RS Agarwal A thorough reading of all the questions asked by the TSPSC in various exams it has conducted in the past is a must to understand the level and pattern of the questions.

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