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JUST announces a partnership with Emsland Group to expand its protein processing capacity. This agreement with Emsland Group, a world leader in the manufacture of raw materials from vegetables, guarantees a reliable and scalable production infrastructure for the brand’s JUST vegetable egg.

The expertise of Emsland Group in extracting and using starch for various food products is an essential part of making JUST Egg one of the cheapest and most sustainable proteins on the planet. This alliance will make it easier for manufacturing partners to access mung bean protein, the key ingredient in JUST Egg, and create a new source of income through the sale of the high starch content of the legume.

Based in Emlichheim, Germany, Emsland Group has been manufacturing innovative pea and potato products that have been essential in a wide range of food applications since 1928. Its partnership with JUST marks a first for the agricultural cooperative.

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“Our partnership with Emsland Group is not only an innovative and creative development in the world of protein processing, but it will ultimately help us make JUST Egg more accessible and affordable for customers and consumers around the world,” said said Josh Tetrick, co-founder. , and CEO of JUST. “We are delighted to learn from their over 90 years of experience and leadership in the food industry, guided by the ‘use nature to create’ philosophy. “

The news comes shortly after JUST’s acquisition in December of a 30,000 square foot plant in Appleton, Minnesota, specializing in patented protein extraction methods for JUST Egg. It also follows the company’s announcement in March of a host of strategic global partnerships to manufacture and distribute JUST Egg in North America, Europe, Latin America and East Asia.

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To make JUST Egg accessible to millions more consumers, and through increased efficiency in sourcing, protein processing and manufacturing, US buyers can now purchase JUST Egg in liquid and patty form at a great price. more competitive than when it launched nationally last year.

JUST Egg’s Grocery sales speed in the United States has increased 51% since December with big gains at major national chains. In April, a new frozen and folded JUST Egg made its retail debut, and at one of America’s top five supermarkets, the speed increased 150% in a matter of weeks. Additionally, a growing number of quick service restaurants and dining destinations like college campuses, amusement parks, hospitals, and corporate cafeterias have added JUST Egg to their menus.