Letter: Disappointed with community response | Letters to the Editor

I’m a proud supporter of Overseer Pedroza. I am saddened to see the personal attacks, the arrests of his family. People looking at the homes they own, their finances, with an “I got you” program are so disappointing.

What happened to taking the time to understand where people came from, how they made it, what sacrifices they made to get there?

Instead, you have a group of people who would rather make assumptions and lie than take the time to figure it out.

We all have a story. The fact that the Pedroza and Llamas families achieved their dreams is something our community should celebrate.

Aren’t we the land of opportunity? Aren’t we the country where people get by?

I hope this situation will be clarified soon. It’s a sad blemish of how our community shouldn’t behave.

I had to explain racism to my grandchildren in the past. I never thought I would have to explain how in our own community we would see him again.

People also read…

I look at names that write letters. I see the meetings of the supervisory board and who speaks during the public comments. It’s sad; it hurts my heart to admit it.