Local Nonprofits Collaborate to Create ‘Truckee Meadows Community Progress Report’

RENO, Nevada (KOLO) – Through the collaborative effort of Truckee Meadows Tomorrow and United Way of Northern Nevada and the Sierra the Truckee Meadows community now has a detailed report on life in Washoe County.

“Data needs to be shared democratically, it needs to be accessible to everyone, from your neighbor to the governor,” said Erica Mirich, president and CEO of TMT.

It’s the Truckee Meadows Community Progress report and its purpose is to provide a better understanding of the quality of life throughout the county.

“You know, when we look at quality of life, quality of life is not just health and well-being, it’s also our natural environment, it’s also our land use and our infrastructure, the education, civic engagement, public safety,” Mirich said.

By measuring ten priority areas, such as detailing Washoe County’s basic community demographics, identifying key influences related to physical and mental health, or examining water use and air quality in our community. All of these facts and figures are part of the Community Progress Report, with the aim of informing all community members about the strengths and weaknesses of their local community.

“Some areas are harder than others to tackle, for example, poverty and housing is a hot topic, but there are a lot of people working hard to improve that in this community…and that is the goal of our data so that we can track our progress…we need to know where we are, to be better equipped to go where we can go,” Mirich said.

It’s been 15 years since the Truckee Meadows community had a comprehensive all-in-one report like this. Data collected by TMT and UWNNS, for the benefit of every person living in the area.

“Think of it as a little spark and now we’re going to nurture more of it and bring more people to the table…we believe in bringing people together from all parts of the community and saying ‘here are the concerns that are present , here’s what we know to be true and what can we all collectively do to work on this,” said Kelly Stevens, Vice President of Community Impact at UWNNS.

To view the Truckee Meadows Community Progress Report, click here.

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