New signs installed at Bellmawr Borough Hall and William “Budd” Mullen Community Center; Pickleball Courts Update

At the October 27, 2022 monthly meeting of Bellmawr Mayor and Council, Councilor Jim D’Angelo announced that new signs had been installed at Borough Hall as well as the James “Bud” Mullen Community Centre.

New signs have recently been installed at the James “Bud” Mullen Community Center as well as Borough Hall. (SJO Pictures)

He also reported that the Highways Division recently completed drainage improvements along the recreation center football pitch. Approximately 350 feet of eight-inch pipe was installed to alleviate flooding conditions near the Purple Eagles concession stand and merchandise shed. The area was then leveled and paved.

In early October, the borough completed a shared services project with the City of Gloucester where Bellmawr rebuilt Stinsman Avenue for a total of 170 man-hours. The amount of the project is $13,686, which will be billed to Gloucester City.

Councilor D’Angelo also explained that a streetscape project is underway from Cardinal Drive to Rockville Drive. The bases and the conduit are installed, but PSE&G must inspect them before the final leveling to install the wire for the decorative posts.

Banners hanging from poles are available for purchase. The project should be finished before Thanksgiving.

Councilman Ray Bider

Councilor Bider said that under finance, the inventory of best practices is being finalized and due in mid-November. There are approximately 42 questions in the inventory of best practices and the borough must obtain at least 24 points out of 42 to obtain full funding. “Hopefully at the November meeting we can discuss it with you and put it on the table. [Borough’s] website. Barring a change in state, it could be as late as December. From now on it will be the November meeting.

All Chapter 159 resolutions have been submitted and accepted pursuant to the State of New Jersey. The finance committee has started working on the 2023-2024 budget. Department heads and superintendents have submitted their proposals and in mid-November they will begin to be considered.

Under Recreation, Councilman Bider said he recently met with the project coordinator and state representative regarding the major Little League field. “Their timeline is happening,” he said. Completion of all new ramp drainage, new fencing, new grass and some electrical work overhaul is expected to be completed by November 4th. the ramp.”

The Recreation Department committee is arranging a meeting with all sports organizations before Thanksgiving to determine what those organizations’ needs are for the 2023 budget.

As for the Recreation Center pickleball courts, Public Works Superintendent Joe Ciano met with representatives of the Joint Insurance Fund (JIF) and the National Pickleball Association.

Initially, there were to be three perpendicular courtyards, but due to recommendations, there will be two. The National Pickleball Association suggested making two courts instead of three so the courts could be fully scaled to regulation size.

The two courts – one is the old volleyball court and the other is the old tennis court – will be fully funded by the $25,000 Recreation Enhancement Grant. The closing was late, but it is hoped that it is expected, with the net, at the beginning of November.

“Our goal is late fall to early winter for them to be fully operational. From now on, [both] the courts have the seal down.

The planning process is underway for the Veterans Day Ceremony to be held Friday, November 11 at the Bellmawr War Memorial. The ceremony honors our Bellmawr veterans. Information and more details will be released shortly.

Councilman Jamie Casey

The Municipal Court continues to have in-person sessions.

“As construction progresses, we are enforcing the ordinances,” Councilor Casey said, and “looking to readjust our fees.”

Councilman Craig Wilhelm

Councilor Wilhelm said: ‘I have nothing for water and sewage. I haven’t received a police or fire report for this month. I’ll talk about it next month.

Councilor Johann Fina

The Fall Festival was a huge success, said Councilor Fina. “We had a lot of vendors and a lot of food trucks there. Everyone enjoyed the day. The fireworks succeeded. We have received nothing but positive feedback on this and are looking forward to next year’s event.

Next up is Christmas in the Park, she said. “We will have more information on dates and times for this at next month’s meeting.”

Councilman Bill Evans

The quarterly meeting of the Bellmawr Business Alliance took place on September 27. Thanks to Dan DiRenzo for allowing us to come and do such a great tour. We have another meeting scheduled for Dec. 6,” Councilman Evans said.

Councilor Evans also announced: “The kick-off of Bellmawr Believes is upon us. Donation boxes will be delivered to schools and businesses starting November 1. If you have any questions about Bellmawr Believes, email us at [email protected] Consider donating a new toy or let us do the shopping for you. All gifts are wrapped and delivered so that all children wake up on Christmas morning with Santa’s surprises.

Councilman Evans kicked off the holiday season with a personal $250 donation to Bellmawr Believes in honor of his granddaughter.

Mayor Chuck Sauter

Of the recent Fall Festival, Mayor Sauter said, “I also want to thank everyone in the borough – public works, police, fire, EMS, and a special thank you to all employees, as well as to Councilor Johann Fina, Borough Secretary Frani Wright and Lisa Young. It was a very good day.”

Public part

During the public portion, I thanked Public Works for quickly fixing the two wooden benches along the Sauter Park walking path. The wood was rotting and the squirrels were storing their acorns on the bench pictured below.

Before and after photos of one of the benches in Sauter Park. Public Works recently repaired the two wooden benches along the walking track. (SJO Pictures)

I also wanted to thank Public Works for repairing the small free library which was recently damaged by teenagers I saw hitting it.

Before and after photos from Sauter Park’s Little Free Library. Public Works quickly built a new small free library which has recently been damaged. (SJO Pictures)

Finally, I wanted to report/express my concern for children riding bikes in the park area and ‘cavorting’ in front of cars. The police are aware of the problem.

Items on the agenda

All agenda items for the meeting were approved.

Regarding Ordinance #09:14-22, I asked for clarification and Councilor Wilhelm replied: “The provisions that were previously enacted for the cannabis layering area have been changed in small part to allow police to be able to apply certain aspects of this ordinance, whereas before it was just a matter of zoning.

Regarding Resolution #10:177-22, Philip Mullen was approved as Alternate Member II of the Joint Land Use Board.

Regarding Resolution #10:179-22, which authorized the appointment of Jonathan Jefferson and Tristan Casey as part-time employees for the Department of Public Works, the motion was approved. However, when called to vote, Councilman Jamie Casey said: “Yes, but no report.” Councilman Jim D’Angelo added, “Good call. Yes, no report.

To view the meeting agenda, click on the image below: