Proposed Community Solar Installation in Minoa Village – Eagle News Online

MINOA VILLAGE – A proposal awaiting approval by the Minoa town councils aims to install a small-scale community solar installation in the village.
According to project manager Brian Madigan, the development led by Renewable Properties would occupy around 13 acres of land on a 42-acre parcel. This marks a reduction from the 20-acre build sketched in the energy company’s Sept. 7 presentation to the Minoa Village Council.
“Once we went there to do the physical delineation, we found that there were more extensive wetlands in place than we had hoped, so we had to reduce the overall footprint and the production capacity of the project,” Madigan said.
To properly establish this 3.7 megawatt AC solar generator, Renewable Properties is seeking a planned development permit for 5986 Clemons Road, a site currently zoned A1 residential.
Madigan said construction would avoid tree clearing during resting periods of habitats for Indiana bats and northern long-eared bats. He also said that issues related to glare and noise are not anticipated.
“These panels are designed to absorb sunlight, not reflect it, and depending on where the transformer would be located, the noise would dissipate by the time you got to one of the neighboring houses,” said Madigan.
The plan allows local residents to buy or lease part of a shared renewable energy system to receive a 10% discount on their monthly utility bills, he added.
“This is an exciting opportunity to provide direct benefit to Minoa residents on a finer scale, and then on a larger scale to help New York State as a whole achieve its broader energy goals,” said Madigan, who works in Portland, Maine. , as the lead permit manager for renewable properties.
The San Francisco-based company is currently overseeing other solar power plant projects in North Carolina, South Carolina, Minnesota and its native California.
The future of the planned enterprise for Minoa depends on when the developers can appear on the agendas of the village council and the planning board for consideration, with Madigan hoping to reach that point in the schedule within the next three to four months. .