Scotland’s First Regeneration Innovation District – Ian Manson

For Clyde Gateway, Scotland’s most ambitious regeneration project, the focus has been on creating new green space. In addition to the many environmental reasons highlighted throughout COP26 in Glasgow, our investment in new parks is due to the plethora of benefits they offer families and businesses.

East End residents benefit from a place to relax and spend time together outdoors, while businesses can benefit from the increased foot traffic and customer spending that green spaces can. provide.

We are proud of our continued investments and Clyde Gateway takes an integrated approach to infrastructure, carbon management and our journey to Net Zero. I believe that blue-green infrastructure, infrastructure integrated with nature and designed to provide natural features in urban landscapes, can address environmental challenges such as climate change, biodiversity loss and water management .

One of our major projects is our community energy project in Dalmarnock. This collaborative partnership with Scottish Water Horizons has been developed to promote a community district heating network, which provides low cost heat to the center of Dalmarnock, linked to the adjacent waste water treatment facilities in Dalmarnock. This initiative providing energy to businesses and homes is what really sets our regeneration zone apart.

Ian Manson is the Managing Director of Clyde Gateway.

I’m also extremely proud to be Scotland’s first Green Regeneration Innovation District and this new sustainable district heating network positions Clyde Gateway as one of Scotland’s leading energy efficiency and sustainability sites, benefiting hundreds of homes and businesses. This incredible 3km long underground project is just as important to the ongoing regeneration of Glasgow’s East End as any of the transformative above-ground projects that have taken place over the past decade.

Additionally, the Cuningar Loop Woodland Park is a 15 hectare green space, managed by Forestry and Land Scotland, is a great example of how we build on the fantastic biodiversity of the Clyde Gateway. This riverside location includes an orientation point with local maps highlighting areas for birds, bats, butterflies, a tree planting meadow and wildflower planting areas for encourage butterflies to bask. It is incredible that more than 900,000 people have already visited the park since it opened in 2016.

We have also recently completed a new £3million Riverside Park in Dalmarnock, which will be officially opened next week by Tom Arthur MSP, the Minister for Public Finance, Planning and Community Wealth. The park was created by transforming a previously vacant and inaccessible site into a vibrant new green space that can be used by walkers and cyclists. We were delighted to receive £750,000 for the project from the Scottish Government through its Vacant and Derelict Land Investment Scheme, and £98,000 through NatureScot’s Nature Restoration Fund.

Active travel, to which these new parks will contribute, is one of our main assets in attracting people to live and work in the East End of Glasgow. If we do this properly through careful planning in our communities, we can reduce car use and encourage more people to walk, bike or take public transport.

Clyde Gateway, Riverside Park

The benefits of our investments are already numerous. For families, green spaces provide a place to relax and spend time together outdoors. They also provide children with a place to play and explore. Businesses also benefit from the creation of new green spaces. Green spaces increase foot traffic, customer spending and also attract new businesses and employees to our area.

On our journey to Net Zero, we are determined to take the people living in our communities and the businesses that have settled or moved here with us, for a greener, cleaner and brighter future.

Ian Manson is the Managing Director of Clyde Gateway.