South Lebanon Supervisors Approve School District’s Preliminary Land Use Plan | Community News

South Lebanon Township supervisors reviewed and approved a preliminary land use plan April 26 from the Lebanon School District for a 145,000 square foot school building for grades seven and eight.

The district plans to construct a new school building at a cost of $40 million just south of the high school at 1000 S. Eighth St. on sports fields that are part of the border between the city of Lebanon, the southern townships of Lebanon and North Cornwall.

The township’s planning commission, which met on April 25, recommended the plan’s approval to the supervisory board. Township officials have raised concerns about the impact of stormwater drainage and traffic volume.

The next step is for the school district engineer, Steckbeth Engineering & Surveying Inc., to submit the plan to the Township of North Cornwall and the City of Lebanon for review and approval.

In other cases, Scott Kick and Bobby Grimes, residents of the School Lane Meadows subdivision, expressed concern about cats and other animals roaming the neighborhoods. Kick’s wife recently found eight feral kittens under a tarp on their property. The kittens’ mother returned and moved seven of them to other locations.

“What was I supposed to do?” Kick asked the board about the issue of loose cats.

“If you give up,” Grimes added, “it gets worse. It’s not fair to everyone in the neighborhood.

Board Chairman Steve Krause responded, “The short answer is there is no answer. We are limited in what we can do. He advised Kick and Grimes to contact Nobody’s Cats Foundation which works to cull and sterilize wild animals for safekeeping at the Lebanon County Humane Society.

A township ordinance refers to “dogs”, but its definition encompasses dogs, cats, non-domestic animals and poultry. On its website, the canton advises against feeding such “dogs”.

Grimes also reported that people were living in trailers on properties near his home and that there was an abandoned trailer on another property. Township Director Jamie Yiengst will send letters to those involved advising them that they are violating township ordinances.

In a separate case, township auditors Stanilla, Siegel and Maser CPA completed their annual audit of the township’s finances and found no discrepancies.

Finally, supervisors approved the appointment of Brianna Laliberte as Emergency Management Coordinator to interface with the Township and Lebanon County Emergency Services Department.

The next Supervisory Board meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 10 at 7 p.m., at the Township Building, 1800 S. Fifth Ave., Lebanon.