Taupō District Council Approves Land Rezoning Application in Nukuhau

A map showing the location affected by Plan Change 37. Photo/TDC

A land rezoning decision in Nukuhau, Taupō will pave the way for approximately 780 additional housing units in the area.

Taupō District Council voted to accept a panel’s recommendation to approve a private plan change application to rezone the land.

In 2020, the council accepted a private plan change application to rezone 77.79 hectares in Nukuhau from rural setting to a mix of general residential and medium density residential, plus a neighborhood shopping center overlay and areas for stormwater and recreation reserves.

The land identified is west of Acacia Bay Rd, near the Lakewood Drive area, and north of Poihipi Rd, where it joins Wairakei Drive.

The application is proposed by three cooperating landowners and will allow for the future development of approximately 780 housing units in an area identified as a future growth area in Taupō District’s 2050 Growth Management Strategy.

Public submissions on the proposed changes were received in 2021, with hearings held in November 2021. The hearing panel was selected as part of the joint management agreement between the Tūwharetoa Māori Trust Board and the Tūwharetoa Māori Trust Board Taupō district. This means that one panel member was selected by the Tūwharetoa Maori Trust Board and another by the Taupō District Council. The third panel member (and chair) was chosen by the first two panel members.

Policy and Strategy Chief Executive John Ridd says the hearing panel recommended that the board approve the change in plan, with some changes that were made as a result of the hearing process.

“Key changes to the plan include increasing council’s discretion when granting resource consent for the development; ensuring management of traffic impacts on the development; inclusion of a assessment of cultural values ​​for the site, introduction of minimum and maximum lot sizes, additional stormwater management, and crime prevention and environmental provisions.

“In line with the recommendations of the panel, we will also seek to advance our investigation of the Control Gates Bridge to next year as part of our annual plan process. Along with this, it is also important to stress that no development in the change of plane zone may progress until an appropriate solution to deal with the increase in sewage is found.”

With Council’s acceptance of the commission’s decision on this change in plan, this decision will now be given notice to the public. Anyone who has made a submission on the modification of Plan 37 can appeal the decision on their submission to the Environmental Tribunal.

In accordance with Section 14 of the First Schedule to the Resource Management Act 1991, appeals must be in the prescribed form and filed with the Environmental Court within 30 working days from Friday 4 March 2022 .

For more information on the hearing panel’s findings and the plan change, please visit taupo.govt.nz/nukuhauplanchange.