Today in History: Community to March Against White Power Rally in Buckley | New

June 21, 1922

Cadillac’s lumber interests are unaffected by the new Hardwood Manufacturers Institute, formed in Louisville, Ky., Friday at the convention of representatives of hardwood manufacturers from various parts of the country. Local lumber manufacturers are members of the National Hardwood Lumber Association, whose grading and standardization rules are used nationally and internationally, having even been used by the American Hardwood Manufacturers’ Institute, and which has been listed recently in Memphis as an organization supposed to restrict Commerce. WL Saunders of Cummer-Diggins Co., director of the National Hardwood Lumber Association, says that organization is made up not only of manufacturers, but also of wholesalers and consumers. “We believe that we can best serve the interests of all concerned by an exchange of the best ideas from the three groups represented,” Saunders said. “At our meetings there is a healthy discussion of issues affecting the industry in all its ramifications and we believe that we can be of more service to the user of timber, who in the final analysis is the man which we are all trying to accommodate.” Mr. Saunders represented Michigan interests at the conference last month with Secretary Hoover and he says the newly formed Institute of Lumber Manufacturers grew out of that conference as the organization accused seeks to reorganize and obtain a new lease of life.

June 18, 1997

A 4th of July White Power rally in Buckley inflamed a number of Cadillac residents. So much so that they’re asking the community to march against hate in Cadillac’s 4th of July Parade. “(We want) to raise the level of awareness among members of our community about the problem that exists and the extent of it, the number of hate groups that exist,” said Joyce Seward, commUNITY organizer at Cadillac. The group, which grew out of a small Sunday school class at Cadillac United Methodist Church, wants to promote the philosophy of a hate-free community. “We don’t want this to be a flash in the pan, a quick response to Buckley’s situation,” Seward said. “There are a lot of problems developing in different parts of this country. It is frightening the list of hate organizations in our state and in the rest of the country. Scary and big. The “Buckley situation” is “NordicFest,” a white supremacist rock music festival to be held on 40 acres of private land. At least half a dozen bands playing “racist” music are expected to perform at the July 3-6 event. There will also be speeches from representatives of white supremacist groups such as the Ku Klux Klan, Aryan Nations and National Alliance. CommUNITY would like to eliminate this “hate and discrimination” with its parade march. “The march is open to anyone interested in a hate-free community,” Seward said. Although newly formed, another of the group’s priorities is to provide programs and open lines of communication in the community. “We could provide programs and opportunities for discussion and expression to show other people who might question these hate groups that we need to have unity in our diversity,” Seward said. “We want to treat this positively.” Seward and the community would also like to involve children and young people in the plans.