US Congressional District 2: Amodei vs. Krause

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) — Newcomer Mercedes Krause takes on longtime incumbent Mark Amodei in the race for U.S. Representative from Nevada’s Second Congressional District.

Amodei says his passion for the people of Nevada has only grown in his 11 years in office.

“Keep working as an advocate for Nevada on resource issues, on growth issues, on equitable sharing issues, all those sorts of things. It’s just something I still have a passion for, making sure Nevada is in line to be helped and get what they deserve,” Amodei said.

Krause is a lifelong activist and educator who says she is ready to have a greater impact on our state.

“I was born and raised in Nevada, I have dual citizenship of the Oglala Lakota Nation. I am an educator, mother of three children and [I’m] also currently serving as Commissioner of the Nevada Minority Affairs Commission, Chair of the Education Committee, I am a member of the ACLU of Nevada Board of Directors,” Krause explained.

Both candidates, despite being from opposite parties, agree on at least one thing, which is that the 2020 election was not fraudulent.

“Yes, I will recognize the result of this election,” Amodei said.

“It was a fair election,” Krause acknowledged.

But they have different voting concerns. Krause hopes for more access.

“I believe we need to increase voter access and there have been good efforts and gains. In the last elections there were eight tribal polling stations, there has been an increase of eleven more this year,” she said.

Amodei is focused on implementing voter identification.

“You absolutely have the right to vote, if you want more polling stations to facilitate that, that’s fine. You want a mail-in or mail-in ballot, that’s fine. But at some point, before that vote is counted, there has to be a stronger piece of ID,” Amodei said.

On the issue of abortion, Krause says she would vote to protect those rights at all levels.

“I believe in a woman’s right to decide when and where to raise her family.”

Amodei voted against a bill he called “abortion on demand” earlier this year, but says he believes those rights in Nevada are ultimately determined by voters.

“Nevadians choose what the rules are,” Amodei said.

Both candidates acknowledged the hardships many Nevadans face due to inflation and the need for affordable housing, but they offer different solutions to the problem.

“One piece of the puzzle is that we need land to build this,” Amodei said.

He suggests allowing the sale of public land next to urban areas for development.

“I think we’re missing an opportunity by not looking at our surrounding federal lands and saying that all of this wouldn’t be [usable]but to say that it is a piece of the puzzle and that we should use it.

Krause, on the other hand, says she is in favor of protecting public lands and hopes to ensure families have homes by limiting public investors.

“The first is to limit out-of-state, foreign and corporate investors who come in to buy homes and make things unavailable to community members,” she said.

Both candidates have more information on their online platforms.

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