‘We’re not interested’, Carver Village community rejects proposed recycling facility

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) – A proposal for a new recycling facility near Carver Village has upset residents.

They push back and ask developers to build elsewhere.

Their main concerns are noise, pollution and traffic. Residents said they already had enough industrial businesses disrupting their community and they wanted it to stop.

“When I first heard it…red flags went up,” said Bethany Campbell, who lives in the neighborhood.

Bethany Campbell isn’t interested in a recycling facility a few blocks from her neighborhood.

“We must have suffered a lot. There was a time when we had no say in what was coming or going in and around our community. Well, because they’re asking for a special use permit, we said,” Campbell said.

Campbell has lived here since the 1960s. She said this community has seen enough industrial companies harming their community.

“You can see from the recycling facility that’s over there – it’s a pain in the eye. It’s terrible, it’s shabby, there’s a constant noise coming and going there,” she said.

Another resident, William Taylor, said they were only given a day’s notice to show up for a meeting with the developers about the proposal.

“I think it’s very disrespectful to come here and have a meeting and not let the [Carver Village Neighborhood] the association is aware,” Taylor said.

The facility will occupy approximately 12 acres of land. It includes storage rooms and offices.

You can view the master plan below:

“We don’t know what issues we’re going to have with our health,” Taylor said. “We’re a bunch of old folks here, it doesn’t take much to get us under.”

Southern Metals Recycling said it wanted to grow its business and work with the community along the way, but neighbors said their plans would only make the situation worse.

“We don’t want anyone to think we’re trying to stop progress. We’re not trying to stop progress, we’re trying to improve what we have,” Taylor said.

“We are not the last of this community. There are generations behind us, so not only do we have to look out for ourselves, but we have to look out for the next generations,” Campbell said.

The Carver Village Neighborhood Association invites people to write letters with their concerns to the Metropolitan Planning Commission and City Council.

They meet this Wednesday at the Carver Village Community Center at 5 p.m.

We also contacted Southern Metals and they said the impact on Carver Village would be minimal.

They plan to put up a 14ft steel fence to minimize problems and control noise.

They said they would also route the trucks away from the entrance to the neighborhood.

The Metropolitan Planning Commission confirmed that Southern Metals had applied for a special use permit. From there, it will have to go through a vote and be approved by the city council.

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